Thursday, April 21, 2005

NEW software!

I'm trying out this new software I found. It makes it easier to post photos to my blog. I figure since this is my first photo I would share a photo of myself as a baby. You have to start somewhere.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I got a promotion!

A few weeks ago I interviewed and was offered a new position here at the Courier-Journal in the recruitment area. My new title will be Recruitment Account Executive. I'll be working with business's to create Job Wanted ads. Everyone from the local mechanic shop down the street to large corporations. I started my major training today. Its a lot of new information, but I think I can do it. Career builder is our main product. You might have seen our commercials during the super bowl or the NCAA finals. Well, its time to go home.

Pope predicted a short reign to cardinals

The new pope thinks his time left with us is limited. What a strange thing to say in light of the fact he just got selected. I could understand if after 10 years of service as the pope he might say I'm not sure how much more this body has left in it. In this case he's commenting on death within 24 hours of starting his new post. Just a little weird I think.