Saturday, December 31, 2005

Cracker Barrel Restaurant's are so random

I went to lunch today at The Cracker Barrel with Gina and my brother in law Ben. As we waited for a table we took some time to check out the merchandise. I was reminded that Cracker Barrel's sell the most unusual random crap. These t-shirts are just a small example of the cheesy crap we found.

TV's in Bathrooms

I was at Champions Sports Bar & Restaurant here in Louisville yesterday for lunch. After drinking way too many diet cokes I made a dash for the bathroom. I was shocked to find TV's installed over each of the urinals. At first I laughed and then I thought it was pretty cool. Cool enough that I took this picture.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Members of Troop 145, West Long Branch, NJ chow down on chili they cooked at their camp site.

APP.COM v4.0 - MERITORIOUS FUN | Asbury Park Press Online: "MERITORIOUS FUN"
I was doing some random google searches this morning and found this newspaper article about my old Boy Scout Troop 145 in West Long Branch, NJ. The Asbury Park Press did a feature about them. Specifically it focused on their summer camp trip to Forestburg Scout Reservation. I loved that place the first time I went. As I got older I began to really hate it. It was really only fun when my best friend Steve Baxter was there. Go wilderness survival baby! Anyhow, this is a pretty good article.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Boyfriend charged in swallowed cell-phone case - Crime & Punishment -

Boyfriend charged in swallowed cell-phone case - Crime & Punishment - "Boyfriend charged in swallowed cell-phone case"
What a freak of nature. This guy shoved a cell phone down his ex-girlfriend’s throat last week. I've heard of abuse in relationships but this takes the cake.

Dunkin'’ Donuts ad actor Michael Vale dies - Television -

Dunkin'’ Donuts ad actor Michael Vale dies - Television - "Dunkin'’ Donuts ad actor Michael Vale dies"
Its time to make the donuts. That was the famous phrase that was music to my ears. I loved riding my bike over to Dunkin Donuts in Eatontown, NJ on route 35. I would buy a dozen donuts and hide them in my desk. Every once in a while I would leave them in there too long and they would get nasty. It was fun though. It was an adventure to cross the big highway and get my hands on those delicious donuts. Everytime I would hear that voice say, "Its time to make the donuts", I would just smile.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ex-Boy Scouts executive sentenced in porn case - Crime & Punishment -

Ex-Boy Scouts executive sentenced in porn case - Crime & Punishment - "Ex-Boy Scouts executive sentenced in porn case"
This is a very sad story. This gentleman was obviously a very sick man that lived two very different lives. One was something to be proud of. Serving the Boy Scouts of America on its national staff. The other a child predator. Those may seem like extreme words but that's what he was and is. I have no clue how he was able to keep those two worlds from colliding for so long.

New Years Day 2006 delayed by a second - U.S. Life -

New Years Day 2006 delayed by a second - U.S. Life - "New Years Day 2006 delayed by a second"
Have you ever heard of such a thing? Time being delayed by some group of scientists who says we need to add a second on New Years. For hundreds and thousands of years people lived without atomic clocks and changing time. Why now? If I try to understand it too much I might just get a headache.

I gave into the dark side

I can't believe I did it. I gave into the pressures that are all around us in the computer world to buy a Mac. Its painful to even type that. I had already ordered an ipod for Gina and decided I just needed to give in. So I got her an iMac g5 to go with her ipod. I guess it should be the other way around. Its very fun to play with but very confusing. I have no clue how to use it. I couldn't even figure out how to transfer the music from her IPOD to the new computer. I felt like an idiot. I'm sure I will have more Mac stories to share in the future.

Friday, December 23, 2005

The day before the day before Christmas

Its Friday before Christmas and I'm at work not really doing any work. I keep calling HR departments and leaving voicemails. Voicemails that I know won't be heard until Tuesday at the earliest. This sucks. I have one week left here at The Courier-Journal before my time comes to an end. I start at The Presbyterian Publishing Corporation on the Tuesday after New Years. I can't wait! Its time to get out of this joint.

Friday, December 16, 2005

I promise I'm not making this up

Louisville Metro Police Department is receiving calls from Drivers that a large pig is running southbound on Shelby in downtown. Callers say the pig is the largest one they have ever seen and its foaming at the mouth. 2:25 PM on December 16, 2005.

I got a job with Presbyterian Publishing Corporation

Yeah! After a few weeks of interviews I was offered a position yesterday with the Presbyterian Publishing Corporation and I excepted. What a gift to finally go back to working for an organization I believe in and proud to represent. Products that I actually care about selling. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I'm actually smiling right now just thinking about it. I resigned this morning from The Courier-Journal. I'll start my new job on January 3, 2006.

Man claims neighbors dogs keep killing his chickens

Ok, I'm a dork, I listen to my scanner from time to time. This is too funny. I can't help but to share. A man called the Louisville Police Department this morning to report that his neighbors dog has been killing his chickens. Only in Kentucky! Ha Ha Ha!