Saturday, May 21, 2005

Crazy postal service lady!

This morning my wife and I were sitting on the front porch drinking coffee and reading the newspaper when all the sudden this mail lady came walking up our front yard. Now you might wonder why this is unusual. Well, I will tell you. Instead of using the side walk that leads up to our house she walked through our plants and up to the porch and handed us our mail. To make things even better she than proceeded to walk through our back yard. At that moment I lost control and ran in the house just laughing. A few moments later she came back out from the back yard and said something about that being the wrong short cut or something. She was not our normal mail person. I think she might have been third string or something.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Watering the plants

After spending the week inside since Gina got sick we had to get some fresh air. We decided to sit out on the front porch and read the paper. After a little while I got bored so I decided to water the front yard. Man, its really hot today. I guess I never mentioned what's going on with Gina. She was having some pain in her ankle a week ago and got it checked out by the doctor. After running some tests they found a blood clot in her leg. It was really scary! She's ok, but its still really scary. Tomorrow we have a big follow up visit.