Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Years Eve at Jillians

Last night Gina, Ben and myself went to Jillians for their New Years party. We saw Evil Engine #9, Saving Jane and The Muckrakers. We didn't get there until 10:30 so we missed most of Evil Engine #9's show. What we did see was exhausting. Their style was just not my thing. Loud and annoying. Anyhow Saving Jane was pretty cool. I liked their sound and energy. A very fun show. The final act was The Muckrakers. They were really the only reason why we went. Gina and I really wanted to introduce her brother to them. It wasn't their best performance ever. It was actually pretty disappointing. The plan was that they were to start playing right after New Years. They were having sound problems so there was a delay. It was kind of awkward. People started leaving and they lost that natural New Years energy. Once they did start playing it was kind of a downer. They played all of their slower paced songs. Anyhow we ended up leaving as well after about 7 or 8 songs. We ended up having some regrets on our choice for new years.

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