Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Louisville Area Chapter of Red Cross Katrina Response DVD

Last night we had our monthly meeting of the Disaster Assistance Team at The Red Cross. They shared with us a DVD that a member had put together. It had video footage from down in Louisiana and Mississippi as well as the relief efforts that I took part in here in Louisville. Intermixed with the video were statistics based upon the Red Crosses response. I was amazed by the amount of phone calls our local chapter fielded through the 1-800-help-us number. Last night they said our local call center received a little over 50,000 phone calls. I know that we assisted a little over 2,000 individuals who had fled here. I volunteered in the call center and probably spoke to around 200 people over a few days. I hope this DVD is made available to the public. It would be a great educational and recruiting tool.

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