Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Chicken Song

I learned this song at Camp Johnsonburg. It was taught by a staffer named Lee. I can't remember what country he was from.

The Chicken Song - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Daniel said...

You must sing the chorus while twirling your hand in the air like you have a lasso. Thank you internet for having this.

Mark Smith said...

You're a Jburger too!

What years?

I was camper 81-84, CIT 85 and counselor 86. Plus volunteer 2005-now.

Andrew W. Yeager-Buckley said...

I grew up going to j-burg as a camper. I was in the first class of LTP the year after they ended the CIT program. I was on staff only two years I believe. LTP 95, staff 96-97. I might be off by a year or so.