Monday, October 22, 2007

Malibu Presbyterian Fire

It was sad to hear about Malibu Presbyterian loosing everything.


Kevin Iga said...

I am an elder at Malibu Presbyterian Church. Thank you for posting this clip. It is a time of grief for many of us, especially those with special memories about the place: those who met and married their spouse here, those who first came to know Jesus and got baptized here, those who grew up in our nursery and pre-school and went to sunday school.

We are mindful that when God called His people out of Egypt, God's dwelling place was a tent, so that the people would understand that they were not yet in the Promised Land. And likewise, in the early years of the Church, people met in people's houses, understanding that the true mansions were in the Father's household.

Likewise, all buildings made by people will one day be destroyed. True permanence is not in this world. The church is not a building. It is a people gathered in Jesus' name. We lost a building yesterday. But that is all we lost. A building is useful for carrying out the work God placed before us in Malibu. But until we rebuild, God willing, we will continue to carry out His purpose here, connecting people to Christ and thus to each other, and together growing in Him.

If your readers are interested in praying for us, it is that in this rebuilding phase, we would be open to God's call and God's priorities, so that the resulting building will not be just a copy of what was there before, but will reflect God's desire for this time for this community.

Andrew W. Yeager-Buckley said...

Your community of faith is in all our thoughts and prayers.