Friday, February 15, 2008

Amish folk with technology

My wife took this great photo of this Amish couple at the airport the other day. The photo isn't very clear but we had to try. The wife had a bluetooth ear bud sticking out of her bonnet and he was playing some video game.

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Neal Locke said...

Hi Andrew -- your name seems very familiar to me, so I'm about to be very embarrassed if we've met already and I've forgotten...

My former pastor, Philip Lotspeich, just moved to Louisville to work for the Death Star (I mean, PCUSA Headquarters!) as Coordinator for Church Transformation and Growth. If you haven't met him already, you guys should connect -- he's a phenomenal, forward-thinking guy, and plus I'm trying to get him deeper into this Web2.0 addiction.

I would love to chat with you some time about the publishing industry and the PCUSA -- my opinions on publishing, copyright/left, and open-source licenses often get me into trouble, though! (I just posted on the subject at

Anyhow, good to connect with you!

Peace --- Neal